Conference Modern Europe, Democracy


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For the course in which I am enrolled, Modern Europa (Modern Europe), a conference will be organised on democracy in Europe. In this conference the students will all lecture for a brief time and present some of the results of their studies. Continue reading


Research series | Crime and Punishment aboard the Dutch Navy


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In 1795 the French Northern Army crosses the Waal and occupies the Dutch Republic, the Stadtholder and his family are forced to flee to England. This revolution, the Batavian Revolution, was made possible with the help of the patriots who fled in 1787 to France and returned en masse with the French army. In these years the patriots were exiled in France but there was much contact between them and revolutionaries in the Republic. Continue reading

Introducing the blogger


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Sometimes cliches are there because it is hard to figure out what to say for the first time or what to write for your first blog post. On the about page there is a short introductory story which does not say very much about the person behind the blog and my goals, get ready to know me better! Continue reading