Hi everyone!

First of all I am very sorry for not updating the last one and a half month: life got in the way. Nothing spectacular happend just a lot of great things which made me forget my blog.

And now for something completely different: I started a new blog named Nathalie Blogt. You might wonder why someone who does not blog regularly should start a second blog but the reason is very simple: for this blog a lot of research is done and needed to produce an article the other blog is light weight and easier to maintain. This will not mean I won’t post here anymore; it still is my history outlet although more academic: re-enactment will be a topic which will be written about on both blogs so you won’t miss out on that. The other blog is also both in Dutch and in English.

Since the new semester has started again for me I am enrolled in a new course about the Dutch East Indian Company between 1700-1710. By investigating several ships and their journeys we (students) try to paint a picture of how the Company worked and how life on a ship was. I am assigned to investigating the crew of the Beverwijk.

So, I hope to see you all on Nathalie Blogt. There is no blog post yet but I will inform you on this blog. 🙂