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Last Friday (December 28th) me and a friend of mine were taking photos in an old building near the village of Scharwoude, and old is not meant as you might assume reading this blog but more like 1950s old. When we were there I got curious as to what the building was for and decided to find this out.


This is what the building looks like from Google satellite: it’s close to the water (which is not deep at all if you are familiar with the IJsselmeer) and has something which looks like a pier.

At the time I was not curious about the place at all so the photos I took are not great i.e. detailed so I added a few of other people to complete the idea of what the place looks like.

As can be seen it looks like a changing room for people who want to swim because the rooms are very small ( I have added a photo of me standing in one of the rooms and with the heels I am about 2m tall). The building has also been ‘violated’ by graffiti but it somehow gives it character and contributes to its abandoned state.

After emailing some people who I thought might know more about the building I encountered a man who knew exactly what it was and even had an old photograph. It is indeed a changing room from a pool built in the end of the 1940s by the city council of Avenhorn.

The pool in 1979 after it has been rebuilt

The pool in 1979 after it has been rebuilt

The pool was nothing more than changing rooms, a pier and a pool attendant: you were to swim in the lake. In 1966 the popularity of the pool declined due to another pool in Hoorn, some four kilometers away which was more modern, safer and up to date than this little pool and it was closed down. In 1979 the city council wanted to reopen the pool because more people had come to live in Scharwoude. So it was rebuilt but already in May 1979 it was considered ‘useless’ and in the course of the years teens have broken it down, except for the changing rooms.

Happy new year!

– Do you have come across similar buildings in your town?