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Sometimes cliches are there because it is hard to figure out what to say for the first time or what to write for your first blog post. On the about page there is a short introductory story which does not say very much about the person behind the blog and my goals, get ready to know me better!

Since I was a little girl I have always loved history and been interested in stories, my mother once told me I listened for forty five minutes to a storyteller on board of the Amsterdam when I was three years old. My first period of interest was indeed the Dutch Golden Century and pirates. Dutch secondary school students have to write a paper for their graduation and I wrote mine about the Viking invasion in England with a focus on the Danes. I am and was also interested in medieval Ireland and I combine courses on that topic with the Napoleonic period, themes such as symbolism can be studied in both periods for instance. When I read a book of the Sharpe Series by Bernard Cornwall and got fascinated by the Napoleonic period. Because I was going to study history I was introduced to re-enactment/living history of the aforementioned period in 2010, after one event I never left the hobby. The hobby is very all-round: I have been to an 1812 ball, participated in an Eighty Years’ War event and traveled to various parts of western Europe.

In college I have and had the chance to incorporate the Napoleonic period in almost every course because it is on the break of two centuries: as well as in time as in the break between the Ancien Regime and the newer more ‘democratic’ age that was being made and devised. This has made sure that I am able to study the period from very different angles and fields, it is not only interesting to investigate your favorite period from different perspectives but also makes you acquainted with several fields and methodologies which shows you how versatile a period can be. I also feel that my hobby is another useful view on the period: I have gotten more interested in the history of common people and think that my research can and should also be a means to know more about the background and common knowledge of the character I am re-enacting. They both give an extra dimension to each other. This is why I am planning to combine my two favorite things together in my BA thesis, I have not a very clear idea of what the topic and angle will be but it is getting there.

When I have finished my BA I want to go on to get a masters degree in history and after that try to get my PhD, I hope to become a professor one day. It will be a long way but the combination of teaching other students and researching is in my opinion the best of both worlds.